Devon Referral Support Services

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  • New Devon CCG

DRSS is part of NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NEW Devon CCG).

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Helpdesk: 01626 883 888


Devon Referral Support Services (DRSS)

DRSS sits within NEW Devon CCG and provides services to 1.3 million people across NEW Devon CCG, South Devon and Torbay CCG and the eastern locality of Kernow CCG.

Devon Referral Support Services (DRSS) works on behalf of all of the practices in Devon and East Cornwall as a referrals contact centre; supporting individuals in getting the right advice, care or treatment in a timely manner, and we are very passionate about this! We can't do this work alone though and work closely with a wide range of people, groups and organisations within our local communities, and further afield, to build collaborative, sustainable systems and solutions within the context of local CCG priorities.

The teams' key principles are:

  • Providing an excellent patient experience
  • GP led
  • Promote primary and secondary care clinical engagement
  • Right referral to right place with the minimum delay or inconvenience
  • Improve communication and feedback to promote best practice
  • Hold and disseminate information about services available
  • Real time data at practice level
  • Offer meaningful choice to patients
  • Capture patient experience feedback
  • Using the e-Referrals System (formerly Choose and Book) and pathways tools to support delivery

Everything we do supports healthy people, living health lives in healthy communities.

We do this by ensuring individuals access the right advice, care or treatment in a timely manner.

DRSS Ethos

DRSS provide a supportive, efficient, patient centred service in a professional manner We recognise and respect each other, our differences and our opinions We work & communicate together to uphold an honest and open environment for our department Safety for patients and colleagues is our primary concern, we are courteous in all our interactions and provide the best value for money to our local health and care community